Aloha and welcome to weekly inspirations. Your choice to be here means that you have accepted the invitation to open your heart and learn how to live peacefully in the present moment. We live in a physical world as spiritual energy in form. What do you show up as in-formation? You see, we are literally information in-formation. This information shows up in the ways we live our lives. The majority of what we choose to be, how we show up in our world, is being driven by the unconscious parts of ourselves that we have been asleep with in for a very long time.

In choosing weekly inspirations, you have chosen to awaken to all of the parts of yourself. I will be quite honest with you when I say that it takes courage, commitment, unconditional love, honesty, flexibility and a really good sense of humor to journey along this path. I have been shown and mentored on how to walk with Jesus in my heart, Spirit as my guide and God’s unconditional love as my foundation. I look forward to sharing what I’ve come to know with you.

As I share with you weekly, you will receive tools, teachings, and messages of empowerment that you can implement on a daily basis in all areas of your life. There will be weekly activities shared with you as well. You will be able to watch yourself become more comfortable and confident as you learn how to be empowered in any circumstance you encounter. Your communications skills are going to grow exponentially and your relationship with you will become more intimate and loving. This will over flow into every relationship in your life.

This life we lead is a daily practice. A practice that involves our past and our future existing together in our present moments. We have been blessed to live in a time frame in which we can choose to wake up and become a conscious part of our changing world. I am so excited to be journeying with you as we all learn together how to become the change that we want to see in the world. Thank you from my heart for waking up and stepping up to the plate.

Choosing to BE different so that change can occur, rather than waiting for change to occur to BE different. what a joyous and glorious gift to yourself, the world and our future generations. When we do our own work we stop paying our past forward to the future, allowing the next generations the opportunity to be free from old patterns that no longer serve.


Weekly Inspirations $10 per month and set up as a a monthly re-