High or natural self esteem is manifested in a wonderful feeling of inner harmony, founded on self acceptance and a healthy peaceful respect of self and others. This is very different from self confidence which is grounded in what you know you can deal with and accomplish.

You can, for example, act in a very self confident manner without having high self-esteem.

High self esteem is knowing who we are and living in harmony with our selves without needing to have the approval of others. In other words being internally fed vs. externally fed.

Why is it important? Self esteem is important because it determines how we interact within the circumstance of our life. As you begin to get into relationship with all aspects of yourself, you’re self esteem in all areas expands.

High self esteem will, for example, allow you to interact in honest and respectful ways regardless of what life events may be occurring. Rather than avoiding your emotions, you address them and express through them in a clear unconditionally loving manner. Thus promoting successful relationships in all areas of your life.

As you learn to address and interact with every emotion you experience, getting to know and loving all of the aspects of your inner self is the result. This allows your outer experience as well as your self esteem to be more peaceful and exist on a solid foundation of unconditional love.

Frequently, adults are carrying forward patterns learned in their childhood experience. Low self esteem is often a product of feelings not having been acknowledged or honored or as a child. These aspects of our self may still be feeling unworthy or misunderstood. As they are acknowledged and given a voice healing can begin.

When you listen to yourself and honor what you are feeling and experiencing, the need to project that feeling off onto another person subsides. Therefore, the old patterns are no longer projected into the future and healing of the self esteem and inner self begins to occur.