Transparency is a state of being, a way of life in which you choose consciously to be 100 percent honest loving and respectful to the best of your ability in all that you do, with yourself first and then others. It is a choice, a way of life that requires courage and commitment and unconditional love.

To be transparent as this is defined, there are sometimes experiences that involve feelings of pain and discomfort. Why? Because the art of transparency requires an individual to address all of themselves which means all of their experiences as well. As these experiences are addressed transformation occurs and transcendence of old emotional patterns is the result. Out of the transcendence comes the freedom, peace and unconditional love of an open heart.

Susan Fay Newton began to learn about and experience her path of transparency now more the 14 years ago in Columbus Ohio. She is currently a Self Empowerment and Relationship Mentor and enjoys facilitating for people as they step on to their own personal path of transparency. Call today to schedule a session, group or event or speaking engagement. 614-214-8574