Susan Newton is an internationally known speaker and author living in Columbus Ohio. Her book living in the Light: A Divine Perspective and Guide to Leading a Peaceful Life has been endorsed by New York Times Best Selling Hay House author Eldon Taylor. Susan’s book as well as her teachings is a breath of fresh air in the self help arena. She approaches relationships, emotions, and communication in an unconditionally loving way that facilitates confidence and empowerment in every situation.

Susan has a unique way of addressing and sharing with her clients and event attendees. All that she shares was mentored to her by what she refers to as Spirit. Through her own life experiences she came to a breaking point that set her on a path of awakening. As a way to serve humanity Susan shares with others what she has come to know through her experiences. Her clarity allows her to facilitate for emotional healing, relationship health and clear communication skills. She is an energetic interpreter of sorts.

Susan shares Messages of Empowerment with all who attend her speaking engagements and events. These messages come from the emotional field of energy that each person’s life experiences have a memory of. She refers to herself as a medium and channel as a way to describe what she does in terms that people would understand based on the language of this time frame. There are frequently times when messages come from deceased relatives and just as many times that messages come from those who are still living. Messages will come from any memory that exists in your emotional field that would assist in helping you to become more clear and present. Frequently messages come from animals, inanimate objects, places, songs, movies and on and on. Messages also come from common “old” patterns and history that involve the collective consciousness. In other words things that we all have in common and that we all experience in different ways.

The messages and teachings are always shared with a specific intention. “It is with purity of intention and unconditional love that I/we request and receive divine and pure insights wisdoms and truths. That these insights wisdoms and truths come forward with clarity in a manner with which they can be integrated into our everyday lives for our highest good and the highest good of all that is in this time frame. Thank you”

When you come to one of Susan Newton’s speaking events you will leave a different person than when you arrived. Whether it’s a small group or a large group every message has an effect on the whole group and every teaching will assist you in shifting your perceptions and opening your heart. People comment frequently that they have experienced life altering shifts and are able to implement and see changes in their own lives as well as others. As you learn to open your heart you allow for the Christ consciousness to enter into your life. As you choose to BE what that means, you become one with God’s love and the essence of God in the form of Spirit becomes your guide. Why is this something you would want to do?

As you live in this way every one of your relationships is transformed, beginning with your relationship with you. Your communication skills will be more effective, your confidence level will increase and your ability to surrender and relax will become easier and more natural. Connecting through your heart wisdom is the most beautiful way to learn more about what intuition and guidance really is. Loving relationships will take on a whole new meaning as you become more and more proficient in walking your talk. Wake up now to a more peaceful way of life that has its foundation in the heart and unconditional love.