We live in a world inundated with counselors, coaches, therapists, ministers, psychiatrists, psychics, intuitives, hypnotists, and NLP Practitioners. Each of these areas of expertise have their own specific way of assisting others in fixing their problems. The self help field is filled with books, DVD’s, CDs, medications, meditations, homeopathic remedies, redundant conversations that beat a dead horse rather than focusing on a solution and advise from someone who you think knows more than you do. Self helpers are often individuals seeking other people’s knowledge and hoping against hope that it will help them be happier and more fulfilled in their lives.
Susan Newton, an internationally known Speaker and author, in the Columbus area has a different approach than many. She will share with you why and how you know more about you than anyone else ever could. She shares with you through mentoring and teaching how to tap into the amazing insight and wisdoms that are within you. She also teaches you how to understand what is going on in your outer world and more importantly how to interact with it in a loving confident way from within. Contact Susan Newton today to schedule a session, a group, an event or a speaking engagement.