Your self esteem is of great importance with regard to quality of life. Just as important, is the impact your self esteem has on those around you. What would seem to be simple in concept, theory and application, is in fact extraordinarily complex. How do you build your self esteem? The eye opening truth suggests the self esteem you’re experiencing in this moment, was built on a foundation of other peoples values and issues. You may very well be functioning on a foundation of lies. Parents, siblings, family members, teachers, medical staff, coaches, baby sitters, and day care providers all play a role in your growth and development. Many generations were told to be seen and not heard and if were heard, were not acknowledged for what they shared. This sends the message to the child that they are not of value and that love is conditional. Adding to the mix, unique qualities of each individual, as well as specific heritage carried in the DNA and passed on from one generation to the next plays a significant role as well.


Often the more appropriate task at hand is the process of RE-building your self esteem. By using the past foundation in the current moment to observe and communicate with yourself, you facilitate self empowerment. Self empowerment involves honesty, responsibility and commitment, all qualities that are foundational to self Esteem. As you weed through the mind field of memories connected to experiences you’ve had, running into emotional baggage is common place. Every experience, whether “good or bad” creates a memory and emotional response. Your self esteem begins to take shape, coming into form through your thoughts words behaviors feelings and actions. Whether you like it or not your present moment has been shaped by your past. Everything you like and or dislike, as well as how you feel about yourself and others has all been born out of what was.


Using the past to your advantage is a gift to be grateful for. Take this opportunity to continue on with the useful qualities. At the same time as changing, tweaking, upgrading and creating behaviors that are unconditionally loving honoring and respectful. Take an active role in your life experience and healthy self esteem. Low self esteem becomes your friend and student, giving birth to confidence and emotional health and wellness. Choose to become an active member in your own world of thoughts words behaviors feelings and actions. You become the change you want to see in your world, in turn discovering more compassion for the world at large. Self esteem is an outcome of emotionally healthy and communicative individuals. Healthy self Esteem enhances every part of your life. Healthy self esteem breeds successful intra and interpersonal relationships across the board.


With healthy self esteem as your offering, physical health, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health become your present moment reality. Your ability to behave with presence and clarity in the present moment creates a successful future. A future that is founded with pillars of honesty, honor, respect, empowerment and unconditional love. What a wonderful gift to receive enjoy and share. The outcome is well worth the commitment and work required to accomplish it. A healthy self esteem truly is a pivotal shift in the fabric of our world, past present and future.