What is it to have self confidence? Some would say self confidence is portrayed through outgoing people who speak eloquently with strength and sure footedness. True self confidence is being comfortable in any given situation. Interacting in every circumstance with ease takes faith, courage and solid communication skills. Any skeletons you have in your closet will be addressed on your journey of self confidence in relationships. These skeletons are able to be identified through your emotional responses and offerings in the world. Just listen to your stories about other people and past events!

Do you have angry, resentful, jealous, vengeful judgments about anyone in your life. If so, you’re caring the burdens of situations that are weighing you down and hindering your self confidence. Every judgment held onto is empowerment given away. Empowerment is the foundation of self confidence. Become honest with yourself. Communicate in every situation from the I perspective and the external world no longer has a hold on you. Being internally fed allows you to know what you know about yourself first. It allows you to be the observer in your life, taking responsibility for your actions and behaviors. Taking responsibility for your own thoughts words behaviors feelings and actions from the foundation of Honesty is the Key. Honesty in the sense of, it is what it is.

When something simply is what it is, there is no judgment and therefore no right and wrong involved. This perspective in and of itself, invites everything forward that you have judgments about. These judgments will be seen in your feelings and emotional responses to life circumstances and situations. Every judgment has memories of experiences, good bad and indifferent. These experiences have emotional responses connected to them.

That create a structure of preferences. The preferences, if extreme, can affect your self esteem which in turn affects your self confidence. Are the judgments of good and bad tied to yourself image? If so, you care about what other people think about you based on what you do. Likewise you are actively judging them in the same way you perceive them to be judging you.

As you stop showing up in the world as judging self and others, you begin to function from a place of, it is what it is. You can interact with every situation with whatever works best. Rather than judging the situation and or people involved, you observe it and interact in a way that honors what is. At the same time as moving forward into areas more useful to facilitate Self confidence. This is maintained through clear and honest communication with YOU being comfortable or uncomfortable with what you have said as well as how you’ve acted. Its a very empowered place to be, because you’re not hiding anything from anyone, no one can hold anything over your head that you aren’t already aware of and in communication with. This is true self confidence in every circumstance.