Confidence is about believing in yourself, giving you the courage to go for your goals. As such, assertiveness is a valuable component of a self-confident person. To reach your goals you need to be able to go for what you desire. At the same time it’s very important for you to let go of expectation that may limit what the end result can be.

Self confidence also has to do with faith, flexibility and patience, as well as assertiveness. It is the harmony of all of these qualities that allow for success and enjoyment to unfold in your life. Remembering that what your mind and heart are capable of knowing in the moment, might only be a small portion of the big picture that God has in store for you.

Being able to address everything as it is becomes an important part of your journey. The next step is observing and discerning whether or not what you are choosing and experiencing are useful and supportive of your goal.

As you take responsibility for what is occurring, you are then able to take actions based on the knowledge that you have gleaned from your own experience. Optimism is of course very important, however not in a manner in which you deny something you may be judging to be negative.

As you truly relax into all experiences, begin to observe and make use of what you’ve observed, and take responsibility rather than judging, your self esteem soars in a graceful way. This is when you are truly able to be in joy through your life, and life through you.