Do your relationships have a theme? Does the same annoying pattern reappear in different people? Relationship counseling at its core focuses on the relationship you have with yourself. You can view the relationship you have with yourself through how you relate to others. How you interact with reactions that arise from within will determine whether you reject and project your emotions or own and respond to them in an appropriate way.

Relationship counseling can be of great service when focused on taking responsibility for the feelings you experience in life circumstances. These feelings are offerings from years past that have shaped your present moment. When you come together in relationship with others everyone’s past patterns become part and parcel of the present moment experience. As a relationship counselor addressespast experiences with healing solutions as the goal, relationships have the opportunity to be successful.

Successful relationships are founded in Honest and clear communication, expressing in empowered and respectful ways to all concerned. In the 1950s therapists began to address psychological problems within the family. Up until that time, family members, friends, and religious leaders were the main source of council for issues of this sort. The need for professional services was realized in the late 20th century and has been expanding ever since.

Relationship counselors take into consideration the unique personalities, perceptions and values of the clients they work with. The ability for every individual to awaken to hidden value systems running in the unconscious becomes an important step to successful living. The relationship counselor is able to facilitate in a safe and supportive environment, guiding their clients in a healthy and stable direction.

Problems that arise in relationships are most often due to unresolved issues of the past. These issues show up in behaviors put into place as defense mechanisms stemming from reactions to non-supportive behaviors experienced. The longer these unconscious patterns remain unresolved determines the time frame of the existence of unhealthy relationships. The old pattern continues to be replicated in form until what was ignored initially is addressed. Some people live out their entire life never having addressed the lies that were put into place when they were children. Sad to say these people never give themselves the opportunity to live the life they came to live because they have spent a life time living out the olds patterns of their parents and grandparents and so on. Relationship counselors are able to bridge the gap between what we were taught as children through our experiences and who we truly are able to be.

Stepping in to the fore front as a healthy individual takes work and commitment. This path requires courage, unconditional love, faith and honesty as you begin to un earth and address the foundation with which your life is currently built on. The key is to use the foundation that is there and strengthen it through shifts in perception and redefining truths through honest interaction with the emotional responses that were experienced long ago. Successful peaceful and fulfilling relationships with self and others are the gifts of this work.