Relationship advice is one of the top two subjects many coaches, mentors, counselors, mediums, psychics and channels are asked to address by their clients. The other is career/ life path. People have an innate desire to be happy. Therefore when there is something amiss in their life, they embark on a search for someone or something who can help them find what they think they’re missing. They assume they’ve done something wrong, not done enough or have missed something that another knows! They seek to discover the mystery behind why they’re unhappy and assume the answers are outside of themselves.
In a sense the answers are outside, but not in the way they’re thinking. Solutions for the “right” life path and or life partner aren’t held in someone else’s wisdom, knowledge or in their answer to your specific question. Rather counselors, coaches and the like carry wisdoms and knowledge applicable to their own life first. This group of professionals earn a living by assisting people who seek them out for help. In this field, many assume that they have the answers for their clients, rather than assisting the clients in learning how to discover the answers for themselves. Every human being is unique and holds the most effective personal mysteries and gifts within. From within you interact with the outside world and learn how to lead your best life.

Secondly, other people do in fact carry clues for discovering more about yourself. There are resonant energy fields accessed through communication with yourself in relationship to other people. What does that mean? More simply stated, every person on the face of the earth experiences life over the course of time. What you have experienced creates memories. Every memory has an emotional packet anchored in to the energetic history of your body mind and spirit. Because we experience so many of the same circumstances many of the emotions each person carries with them are similar to those around them in some way. For simplicity we can break it down in to two categories, safe/loved and unsafe/ unloved. When unsupportive experiences are encountered, the feelings of unsafe and unloved are experienced with unhappy as the outcome. Likewise, when supported through a circumstance, feelings of safety/loved are experienced with happiness as the outcome. Everyone, including the coaches, counselors, mentors, mediums, psychics and channels, has an emotionally charged container within them. The individual emotional fields make up the collective emotional field of our planet.

As far as relationship advice is concerned, mentoring has become a very successful way of receiving advice through the knowledge taught, as well as an excellent way to gain tools for its application. Mentors are learning at the same time they are sharing the insight and wisdom with their clients. Sharing what they’ve learned through their experiences, mentors provide an opportunity for their clients to learn and implement what works for them. This manner of offering relationship advice creates a foundation for new growth and expansion for the client as well as the mentor.

Relationships are our most important way of experiencing life. Seeking advice on how to improve relationships is an age old tradition. Thankfully we have stepped into an age of consciousness that allows for different and more enlightened ways to learn and expand as individuals. Empowered interpersonal relationships are supported by honesty, respect, responsibility, clear communication and right action. This foundation creates pathways to a more peaceful and unconditionally loving life. Procuring the safety/loved experience with happiness as the outcome form the inside out. This is possible as both client and professional recognize they are experiencing their outer world circumstances based on the history and memories that exist within themselves.