When mentoring clients with regard to their relationships, it’s imperative to be very thorough, respectful and to have patience. The relationships that we encounter in our life are an extension of the relationship with our self. The relationship that we have with our self is founded on every past experiences we’ve ever encountered our lifetime. Everyone’s life experiences are unique and may include joyful experiences, happy experiences, painful experiences, sad experiences and or traumatic experiences.

Often we have learned how to avoid those experiences that may have been unpleasant. Although we think we avoid these emotions, they actually meet us head on through our relationships with other people. The mentoring process is a wonderful way to assist people in getting to know themselves, as well as learning how to lovingly and respectfully communicate through the emotions they are encountering.

Patience and compassion are required through this process. The result is integration of emotions through honest and responsible communication with those whom we are in relationship with. Relationship advice is one thing, learning how to address your emotions is another topic altogether. Communicating while your emotions are active with out projecting blame and anger on to another, is the foundation that sustains successful relationships. Transparent communication is the key to leading a more peaceful life.