By definition in this time frame, a medium is a person who can communicate with the dead. Mediumship is revered as a way to provide proof that the human personality still exists after death. Mediumship was first recognized in 1848 as an integral part of a the Spiritualism Religion. For a long time it was illegal for a medium to share with anyone and was there for practiced in secret. It was also looked down upon by many religions and to this day there are those who judge it as “bad”.

Susan Newton has brought new insight and meaning to the word medium. Not only does she hear messages from deceased people, she hears from living people, animals, places, things, and activities. Susan has discovered that within the emotional field of every human being there are messages waiting to be heard that assist in healing past experiences that may very well be creating dissonance in a person’s life.

Susan calls the messages, Messages of Empowerment. She tells people that the messages she shares are “you talking to you” in a way that will facilitate you to become more clear and loving in your life. This awareness opens up a whole new world that many have been unaware of. Call Susan Newton in Columbus Ohio to hear what Message of Empowerment are waiting for you to hear. More importantly learn how to be the medium for your own insight and wisdom to flow to you and through you.