Marriage counseling these days is common place. There are many marriages that end up in trouble due to the fact the relationships began by couples falling in “unhealthy Love”. Couples are often drawn together with a magnetism running from unhealthy past patterns that have never been addressed and healed. They are drawn together energetically because there is a magnetic resonance of emotional traumas experienced by both party’s. These experiences most likely occurred anywhere from conception to the present moment. Often, how we were treated as children sets the stage for the roles we play as adults, as well as the roles we invite in through our partners.

These old patterns running amuck keep the marriage counseling field of expertise in business. A highly affective marriage counselor will address the emotional traumas in a way that each person learns to take responsibility for their actions and feelings, rather than pointing the finger as though the other person made them feel that way. Taking responsibility for your own choices and actions is paramount to healing the wounds that repeat until addressed.

Honest communication about the truths you are experiencing with regard to your circumstances, allow the truths to shift in to unconditional love. Shifting from conditional love, manipulative lies and behaviors provides new opportunities for Healthy Love. Healthy love is honest, respectful and empowered. Empowerment is born from the foundation that honesty builds for the relationship to grow from. Honesty, responsibility, communication and respect are 4 pillars of strength that some Marriage Counselorspromote. In Columbus Ohio, Susan Fay Newton follows these guidelines as she mentors couples and singles alike on achieving successful relationships that can last a lifetime.

Marriage counseling of old, often encouraged the old patterns to repeat through therapy that focused more on the problems than the solutions. When the solutions are the focus of the couples work, success rates are higher for the patterns to stop repeating. Sometimes that means ending the marriage. When the couple discovers the connection that drew them together in the first place was founded in unhealthy old patterns, healthy new patterns can begin.

Healthy Love is Honest and begins with self-love and nurturing. You no longer look to another to fill you up, rather you enjoy others in the ways you enhance one another. The focus on creating healthy loving relationship solutions has much to do with unlearning the past teachings and experiences of conditional love.

These unhealthy Loving patterns are the key to unlocking the healthy love that is with in every one of us to enjoy. Be sure to choose a marriage counselor that doesn’t enable old patterns, choose those who are largely focused on the solutions and unconditional loving ways of living. The work can be a bit laborious, but the rewards are many. Courage, commitment and action are of great importance throughout this process. Thesoulutions can bring resolution and life changing outcome into your life. Emotional healing and clear communication skills will assist couples onto a path of lasting unconditional love.