Life coaching is yet another offering of the self-help industry. Life coaches assist the coachee in achieving a goal. Using whatever tools are necessary to reach the goal, life coaches draw upon many different certifications in different areas of expertise. Creating a strategy, the time-frame and actions required to succeed are closely monitored so that success will be the outcome. Flexibility and commitment are required both by the coach and the coachee. The life coach brings the resources together to accomplish the client’s goal. A win win relationship is achieved when the coaching strategy provides success in achieving the clients end result.

Use of the term coaching came about around 1830,meaning an instructor or trainer. This occurred at Oxford University and was slang meaning a tutor who “carries” a student through an exam. Coaching is used to describe a process that can transport people from where they are, to where they want to be. 1861 was the year the term was first used in relationship with sports.

Over the years, like the rest of the self-help field, life coaching has expanded various different fields of expertise. Coaching is available for anything that human beings do and or encounter. As a whole, our society is always looking to improve. Achievement seems to be one of the main aspects of improvement.The European Coaching and Mentoring Council as well as the International Coach Federation, have helped develop a set of training standards.

Life coaching is available in such fields as, ADHD, Business, Executive, Career, Homework, Divorce, Finance, Personal, Systemic, Health, Sports, Victim, Christian and on and on. The list is endless, if you can do it or you’re experiencing it, there’s a coach for it. In the area of self-help, life coaching is one of the many ways to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence. There are coaches, mentors, counselors and advisers, all of whom have their own unique offering each with subtle differences that enhance the other.

When choosing a life coach, it has become important to be wise with regard to who you hire. There have been multiple reports siting stories of how anyone can be certified as a Life Coach in a short period of time through various different companies that offer certifications. As with everything, do diligence in anything you are looking into is wise. Placing your trust in another person to wok on your life path with you is of great importance.