Do you avoid confrontations? Do you withhold information because you are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings? Do you manipulate a situation to achieve what you want in a way that leaves other people involved not knowing the whole story? Do you choose passive aggressive behaviors rather than being expressing what you’re feeling? Do You Give someone a compliment or tell someone you like something when that is not at all what you’re thinking?
These are communications skills that are functioning from a place of fear and avoidance of old emotions and feelings that your hiding from within yourself. They’re projected out onto the people in your relationships who have old patterns from experiences that are similar in some way to our own. You’re literally showing yourself what your hiding from within you. Communication becomes the bridge back to health and wholeness.

Communication skills that are honest and respectful, as well as able to be in the present moment speaking to EVERYTHING that you are encountering , are the most useful skills to have according to what Susan Newton Mentors and shares with her clients and event attendees. Call today to schedule you session, group, or event. 614-214-8574