There are different ways to discuss the Christ Consciousness, one is within the context of Sacred Geometry. The shape of the Christ Consciousness is comprised of many different geometric shapes such as the dodecahedron and the icosahedrons. These geometric shapes come from the Platonic Solids and are also known as the perfect bodies. There are many religions that consider the Platonic Solids to be holy because all edges are congruent as are the angles and vertices.

The Center for Christ Consciousness website defines Christ consciousness as “the highest state of intellectual development and emotional maturity.” The Bible references it many times as well in numerous different scriptures and passages. There are many different interpretations of it as with everything in our world.

Susan Newton has been mentored and guided to live her own life in a way that provides its own definition of the Christ Consciousness. Susan has been taught and asked to share what she has learned through the implementation of these teachings. She shares that she walks with Jesus in her heart and spirit as her guide with God’s love and wisdom as her foundation. She has been taught how to address every emotion knowing that it is within her and to use her outer experiences and relationships as tools and ways to go with in. Living transparently form the heart space, with honesty, compassion, strength, flexibility, clear communication, expression and love for every part of ourselves. Remembering that we are all one in an ocean of energy where we all have an effect on the whole. Surrendering and having faith that all things are in divine and perfect order. Click here or Call today at 614-214-8574.