Foundations of Effective Communication Skills

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Foundations of effective communication skills are the key to successful relationships.  Have you ever spoken to someone who completely misinterpreted the meaning of what you were saying? You repeat it again, possibly using a different approach,  still the meaning is … Continued

Childhood Emotions Playing Out In Adult relationships

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There are many adults still living out childhood emotions that were never effectively expressed and or acknowledged. Thus they live them out through their children and those in their life, unknowingly passing on very unhealthy patterns. Childhood emotions playing out … Continued

Positive Thinking

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Like everything in our world, Positive thinking has a negative side and a positive side and everything in between. Positivity and positive thinking is a wonderful thing in many situations. Positive thinking leads to positive speaking. What comes out of … Continued

Relationship advice…Do You Divide and Conquer?

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Today’s relationship advice, do you divide and conquer? This piece of relationship advice is of great importance in having honest relationships. False pretenses are created when people divide and conquer through their communication with the people in their life. When … Continued

Dawn Davis

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What you say comes out profoundly, it’s like having a year or 2 of therapy in a few minutes.

Communication Skills in the Work Place

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Communication skills in the work place are a key factor for the success of a company. Lack of effective communication between employees and management steals profits from the bottom line. The happier the individual the more effective the employee, the … Continued

Daily Inspirations and Intuition

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Each day is an opportunity to follow the guidance being shared with you. As my tagline states, thank you for sharing in another present moment experience of our Beautiful world. This is how I live my life, a vessel with … Continued

Relationship Advice for Parents

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Have you ever been called out by your spouse, sibling, child or even yourself because you sound just like you mother or father? There’s a reason for that! Many of us have parts who have never grown up, they’re literally … Continued

Relationship Advice Learned Through Knox County Fire

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I couldn’t believe my ears when the detective told me the news, I was dumbfounded! Speechless! Last Weds. morning Jun 24th, I gasped for breath at the beauty of the spectacular brick tower soaring up out of the trees. Set … Continued

Relationship Advice and Mentoring

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Relationship advice and mentoring change the lives of those who choose to learn and implement the knowledge and skill sets provided. Emotional unhealthiness effects every aspect of life on a large scale. Parenting skills are dysfunctional, intimate relationships are chaotic … Continued