Susan Newton is an internationally known Author, Mentor, and Speaker currently living in Columbus, Ohio Metro area. She has certifications in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Stress Management and has been a ULC Minister since her work with Hospice in 2009. Susan spent the better part of 4 years studying and attending events with prominent teachers in the spiritual/metaphysical/self help arena. Susan hosted her own weekly radio show for almost 4 years and has interviewed authors, speakers and teachers from all over the world. She specializes in Emotional Healing, Relationship Health and Communication Skills. Her book is endorsed by Hay House New York Times Best Selling Author Eldon Taylor. 

As a mother of 4 grown children and a new grandmother, her life experiences have been her greatest teachers. “The journey of raising my children was the most gratifying, as well as the most challenging in my life.” Susan’s tenacity and courage are what sustained her until she was literally dropped to the floor in a state of confusion and anguish over the state of affairs that were surrounding her in her life. She asked loudly, “Why does this keep happening to me?” In that moment of truth, she began journeying a different path. The question provided an immediate answer…she heard it wasn’t happening to her, she had been choosing it.

Her physical health had suffered with Cervical Cancer and an MS Diagnosis, each had occurred during a very tumultuous time frame in her life. Susan navigated her way through extreme situations of multiple mis-diagnosis, mis-medications, protection orders and educational issues with her children and in her relationships. She learned a lot about our educational systems, judicial systems, law enforcement agencies, as well as the medical field and became an advocate for emotional health, relationship health and communication skills because of what she experienced ” It was like waking up in an ocean and not knowing how to swim.”

The Answer that she received, “she was choosing it”, meaning her life circumstances became her motivation love and passion. She knew she wouldn’t have consciously chosen these things. She wanted to know what was going on with in her to have these experiences continue to show up in her life. More importantly what could she do to change it. The path of synchronicities experiences and travel that would follow have culminated in the concepts, teachings and practices that she mentors and teaches. She shares everything she has learned and experienced through her Mentoring, Speaking, Books and events.

“I was told by Spirit in 2004, that I was going to help raise the Collective Consciousness, write books and teach people. That was news to me, I had never heard of the Collective Consciousness and certainly had no idea how to do something like that. It has un folded and the journey is far beyond any science fiction story or movie that I have ever heard of. I still get amazed at the how the world works with me to assist and guide me every second of every day! Any one who knows me on a personal level can vouch for that.”

Susan Mentors and shares how to be transparent, living in the present moment with unconditional love and an open heart. What does this mean to her clients and event attendees? It means they will learn how to have a deeper more meaningful life, with relationships that are genuine and empowered regardless of the circumstances. It means they will learn how to communicate confidently, honestly and unconditionally lovingly in any experience they have in every relationship they are in. It means they will get into union and partnership with all the parts of themselves and the love that they were created from. They will experience their intuition on steroids.

If you would like to learn how to have solid and loving relationships in your life. Susan Fay Newton resides in Columbus Ohio Metro area. She leads multiple monthly speaking events and groups, Mentors individual sessions in person, phone or Skype, and can be hired to travel to your area for mentoring and speaking events. Click here to Contact Susan today!