The Cross…My Heart is at the Intersection

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A different way to experience the cross just might invite you to renew how you experience and lead your life.  Many people associate the cross with Christianity and Religion. It’s used as a symbol to represent Jesus life and purpose here on earth. There are many who relate to the cross and just as many who have disdain for the cross. I would imagine many of them have never bothered to look into the history of the cross over the course of time. If anyone did take the time to inquire about the history of the cross, they would discover its diverse journey. Interesting details and facts of ancient Egyptians use of the symbol, how the Romans used it to crucify criminals in public as a show of force to maintain control, Jesus crucifixion on it, and the 600 hundred year gap after Jesus death, before it was officially used as the symbol for Christianity during Constantine’s reign. In more recent times,  26 Christians were nailed to crosses at Nagasaki Japan in 1597. This marked the beginning of the long history of persecution of Christianity in Japan. It wasn’t until the end of World War the persecution came to an end. There are many different versions of the cross representing different religions and religious events, each with its own unique meaning and look. There is the Cross Inside an Equilateral Triangle, The Crucifix, The Celtic Cross, The Passion Cross, The Cross in Glory, The Easter Cross, The Cross of Triumph, The Cross in Tribulation, The Cross and the Thorny Crown, The Cross of Iona, The Cross Patee and The Cross and Banner of Victory. The Cross has quite a sorted past, representing torture, control and force as well as unconditional love and salvation.

Now let’s look at Leonardo DiVinci’s “Vitruvian Man,” a symbol of man as the universe and man in the universe. I know you have the visual of this famous art work, literally representing man as a physical cross. Interesting then that the cross is the symbol for Jesus, God in form here on earth as God’s Son, as a re…presentation and symbol of rebirth. A symbol that is full of Kayos and diversity.  I understand and think about it in a simplistic way. I figure God looked at everybody on our planet being cruel to each other and killing one another rather than working together  in harmony and decided to help us discover a different way. He came to earth in form literally as his own son,  through the name of Jesus Christ Lord and Savior. It’s hard to imagine how many people  have killed one another over their religious beliefs. I enjoy looking at the commonalities within all things. To me there is a commonality with the cross to each and every human being living on this planet. As well as all of our lineage, ever having lived in form here on Earth. Our bodies are what we all have in common. If you stand with arms outstretched, what’s the shape and symbol your actual body takes on? Exactly, it takes on the shape of the cross. I have known for quite some time now, I walk with Jesus in my heart. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it is something that I state frequently and it resonates for me in my knowing of how I live and function. I know it also has a lot to do with what I enjoy sharing with other people in my mentoring programs through sessions, books, speaking engagements and messages.

Now let me ask you another question. If you overlay the cross on to your body standing straight with your arms outstretched, where does the cross section of the cross exist? Exactly, it exists at your heart. Do you think it might be possible that our physical bodies represent the shape of the cross for a purpose and a reason. The intersection of the cross rests at our heart, possibly for a specific reason. Maybe a  reminder as to what our lineage is, who our Creator is, as well as who our Creator existed as and died for while he was here on earth in the form? I am aware that I live my life in a unique way, a way that I often do not understand myself. However, I am open to continuing my journey forward regardless of what I know or don’t know. This to me is my journey of faith. Faith to me is knowing God has everything under control, regardless of what I might think or be experiencing and feeling  in the present moment. Faith to me is safety.  Safe to follow the guidance I’m sensing, to the best of my ability, in every circumstance and knowing it will unfold  divinely one way or another. Furthermore, having the courage to move forward with what I’m sensing in spite of the fact it’s confusing sometimes. In spite of the fact it is painful sometimes. In spite of the fact  it is joyous sometimes. In spite of the fact sometimes it’s easier than others and sometimes harder than others. To me having faith is knowing regardless of what is going on everything is in divine order and all things will unfold in a way that serve my highest good and the highest good of all those around me. To me having faith is being able to set boundaries of empowerment and strength when disrespectful behaviors are occurring, as well as being able to be joyous appreciative and grateful, regardless of what is going on. Again, to the best of my ability in any experience I find myself in.

For me this lives in my heart, the intersection of the cross, the symbol that has been in our world for eons. The symbol of sorted origins, now  representing Jesus living here on earth and helping us to remember to love ourselves. Helping us to  remember who our father is. In that remembrance, discovering who we are and fulfilling our purpose here. Remembering we are loved,  provided for,  protected,  worthy and valuable. Remembering each of us is special and unique in our own way. When I woke up this morning with this information in my heart, I payed close attention to it, as it flowed into my thoughts giving me ways to express what I was experiencing. The Cross as a symbol, able to remind us we can all work together respectfully and lovingly. We can honor each individual’s unique gifts, paying close attention to our own and how our gifts when honestly accessed enhance and support those we encounter. Through honesty, respect, unconditional love and responsibility we can live in harmony. The commonality to me lives at the intersection of the cross when overlaid on our body. It reminds us to open our hearts. So many get wrapped up in who’s right and wrong, which is the best, who has the most money and the most control. So many lives have been lost over the ages because of religious struggle and battles for control of land, people and money! When do we say enough is enough. Wasn’t that what the message was about in the first place? It seems to me it was.

 Our bodies are the shape of the cross with arms outstretched cross section at the heart. An open heart allows for you to love yourself through honesty and responsibility without judgment. An open heart allows you to take the arms outstretched and wrap them around yourself at the intersection of the heart, hugging and loving who you have been and who you are now. As you love yourself you are able to give freely. From an open heart with your arms outstretched hugging another, heart to heart cross section to section with honor and respect.

I awakened this morning with this perception, yet another way to perceive the Cross and all it represents and symbolizes. Within my human body I allow my spiritual essence to flow freely through my heart from God. For me living with an open heart, although it can be exhausting sometimes, is a way to honor and be grateful for all that is unfolding.  With that visual in my mind, imagine what you’re doing with your heart, arms and hands every time you hug someone, hold hands in a circle, a line or just with another person. What if you were to stand imagining the cross that you literally are, with your arms outstretched holding onto white flags in each hand surrendering to the commonality that we all have with one another. Allowing the intersection to be an open heart functioning with respect and honor that remembers and acknowledges our common thread. Lift yourself above the judgment of good, bad, right and wrong that has been created from the duality of our victimhood existance as children.

What if from this day forward every single parent taught their children this awareness. The children benefiting from this teaching wouldn’t have to become the victim. Rather than victimhood being payed forward from past generations, they would grow living breathing and flowing as the observer. Thus allowing  God’s guidance to flow freely to them and through them. This flow supports and enhances each individual’s unique spiritual journey here on Earth. At the same time, honoring with gratitude all those who have come before. It is our lineage that built the platform we stand on now. They like us did the best they could with what they knew. Generation after generation have contributed to this very moment in time. I would like to make the most of all their hard work. I would like our future generations to thrive in peace with harmonious interactions. Our ancestors have worked so very hard at surviving so we could be here today honoring them with our choices to thrive. Today we have the opportunity to open our hearts and thrive with gratitude and unconditional love, choosing what is most useful for any situation. We are free to be whole, functioning in harmony and unison with past present and future.

This is my knowing in this moment in time. Thank you for the opportunity to share it with you, it is my invitation to you to look at things from a different perspective. To live more with commonalities then differences. As you’re able to see the commonalities more clearly, you are able to choose more effectively for yourself with regard to relationships and things that enhance your life. Life flowing freely to you and through you, facilitates peaceful and effective relationships in all areas. Because I was able to express myself in this way I now have a greater understanding of what I mean when I say I walk with Jesus in my heart. I have seen all that God has done in my life to keep me safe, guide me, protect me and help me learn. Because of the guidance, I have experienced more of what I came here to be. Every time I express, whether it is to myself, to God, my dogs, a tree, a friend, a partner, whom ever happens to be in my space in time, I create a more whole and complete relationship with myself and those around me. Through my honesty, responsibility, knowing of support and guidance (even when it doesn’t feel like it’s there) I remind myself it is there. It’s always in my heart.

The Cross My Heart is at the Intersection. The point where past present and future intersect as one. Honoring all that was, all that is, and all that’s yet to come.

Thank you for sharing in another present moment experience of our Beautiful world.

Love and Light Susan Newton