Daily Inspirations and Intuition

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Hawaii Aloha Maholo
Hawaii Aloha Mahalo

Each day is an opportunity to follow the guidance being shared with you. As my tagline states,

thank you for sharing in another present moment experience of our Beautiful world.

This is how I live my life, a vessel with an open heart for God’s love to shine through. The inspirations can be subtle or loud, any way you slice it they’re there all the time. When you’re not judging life anymore, you’re more able to hear them and act on them in a way that serves all involved.

My hair appointment was scheduled this morning for 9:15, for some reason I kept thinking about going early. I followed those inspirations, not questioning why, just getting ready to go so I would arrive around 9. I even decided to wash my hair ahead of time, not knowing why, I just did it. When I arrived, the women ahead of me had a sense of relief as well as a sense of amazement on her face. She said she was so glad I was there early and that I had saved her. She went on to explain her hair appointment was set wrong in her phone, she had arrived 30 minutes late. Although on time according to her phone, she was late to the actual scheduled time by a half hour, which would throw a wrench in the hair stylists schedule as well as her ability to get her hair done. Now I knew why I had been inspired to arrive early. Because I was early, not only would the stylists schedule stay on track, her hair would be able to be finished. My cut was scheduled to be in between the processing time of her color. My early arrival with pre washed hair, gifted her with the extra 15 minutes she would need to complete her cut color and blow dry.

It’s not earth shattering or life altering, although I must say when I miss one of my apt. times with Sarah, it is earth shattering. She’s the best! Never the less, its daily life and scheduling of life that we all deal with. It’s how life unfolds, the small things all contribute to the big picture. Who knows why we were meant to cross paths in that way today, I know in some way that encounter affected the big picture in an impactful way. God’s love inspired me to arrive early and arrive prepared, I acted on it and it affected her life in an enhancing way.

Can you commit to living in presence in the present moment? Will you let go of the reins and flow with the Gods Love and Light? How many opportunities are you missing out on each day! The more you become the observer of your life, feeling and interacting with the circumstances at hand, the less you will be the observer of others short comings through your judgements. Wake up and realize your judgements of self and others are simply projections of old tired patterns left over from emotional wounds that you’ve been avoiding. Get clear, take ownership of unhealthy judgmental projections that were most likely born of some sort of rejection in the past. Observe it in yourself, communicate with your own feelings, and make friends with all of your parts opening your heart to the infinite possibilities of God’s love to shine through you as a vessel of honesty, compassion and empowerment. Daily Inspirations and Intuition are your birth right, clear your emotional baggage and become as clear a vessel as you can be in this space and time.

Thank you for sharing in another present moment experience of our Beautiful world.

Love and Light Susan Newton