Communication Skills in the Work Place

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Hand-holding-a-light-bulb-in-front-of-a-blackboard-000026445143_XXXLargeCommunication skills in the work place are a key factor for the success of a company. Lack of effective communication between employees and management steals profits from the bottom line. The happier the individual the more effective the employee, the more effective the employee the more profitable the business. Not to mention, happier employees create an enjoyable work environment, in turn facilitating higher profit margins and satisfied workers. Research has shown in many companies how this is true, for example; “GOOGLE IS RIGHT: WE WORK BETTER WHEN WE’RE HAPPY” HTTP://WWW.FUTURITY.ORG/WORK-BETTER-HAPPY/

As a mentor, I am continually addressing work place issues with my clients as we work together in personal sessions. Many people assume they check their personal life at the front door of their place of employment. This is not the case at all. It’s possible to compartmentalize, playing different roles in every different situation, however you haven’t left anything behind. All of you, travels with you whereever you go. Personal feelings and emotions are never apart from you. If you have them they’re there. People falsely assume because they’re not feeling something it’s under control or set aside. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact everything you’ve ever experienced, as well as all you carry in your DNA is within you and thus with you all the time. It’s accurate that these emotions and feelings can be sleeping when not agitated, however if triggered the awakened state happens quickly. Placing a group of people in the same place and asking them to function together will invite triggered behaviors from past personal experiences to come forth. It’s only a matter of time before the work place family unit will have to interact with each individuals personal store house of past experiences, both healthy and unhealthy.

Communication skills in the work place become the most important tools for an enjoyable and profitable business. Success as an individual is the foundation of a successful employee, one who is able to contribute their unique offerings and talents as a team player. Eliminating the drama of victimhood and initializing healthy clear compassionate and empowered communication, facilitates empowered individuals as well as an empowered business. This type of training is a win win for all involved. The individual, although learning these skills in the work place, will walk into every area of life as a more effective human being. Every relationship in his or her life will benefit.

Everyone who learns this way of life becomes a mentor in their own world. Learning to take responsibility, as the observer of themselves and their own thoughts, words, behaviors, feelings, and actions creates the shift from victim to observer. Taking this stance eliminates the need to project feelings onto others, accusing them of “making” you feel a certain feeling. Remember all of your feelings are yours from within to address. Often we become aware of these hidden feelings through relationships in our outer world. Learning this way of life is proactive, allowing the individual to become healthier and successful in all every relationship. Quality of life expands as you become aware and conscious as the observer of you in your world. Schedule a Work Place Transformation Qmmunication for your company. It’ in the products section of this website or call Susan at 614-214-8574

Thank you for sharing in another present moment experience of our Beautiful world.

Love and Light Susan Newton