Childhood Emotions Playing Out In Adult relationships

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Susan Fay Newton
Conscious Living in and Unconscious World

There are many adults still living out childhood emotions that were never effectively expressed and or acknowledged. Thus they live them out through their children and those in their life, unknowingly passing on very unhealthy patterns. Childhood emotions playing out in adult relationships with everyone in their lives. The blessing is ….you can address it now with yourself, stop projecting it out onto those around you and end the pattern. By taking these actions, you are healing past present and future in the honest presence of every moment. Your truths change as you become honest. One situation at a time and one choice at a time you can shift your world and the world you live in. Many peoples truths are based on lies. They have been afraid to be honest and don’t even realize they are perpetuating lies in their life. Do you embellish and or withhold from people? Do you say things like, I don’t want to tell them that because it might hurt their feelings? Do you think that other people make you mad or make you happy? If so, honesty coming into your world will help you to heal in ways you did not know were necessary or possible. I am very proud of all of my mentoring Clients who have decided to live their life in this different way. It takes a lot of courage and I am grateful for them and to them for the work they’re doing.

Thank you for sharing in another present moment experience of our Beautiful world.

Love and Light Susan Newton