Relationship Advice and Mentoring

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20150411_183442Relationship advice and mentoring change the lives of those who choose to learn and implement the knowledge and skill sets provided. Emotional unhealthiness effects every aspect of life on a large scale. Parenting skills are dysfunctional, intimate relationships are chaotic and short lived, personal health (mental physical spiritual emotional) is compromised, Professional life is drama filled, and social life as well as daily activities and interactions are chronically unpredictable. Emotional health is the cornerstone for a peaceful successful life. Relationship advice and mentoring take on many different personalities and headings. Although every aspect is important, opportunities for change exist with those mentors, counselors, coaches, and trainers who offer a comprehensive plan for a healthy way of life.
Relationship advice and mentoring programs inclusive of past present and future are desirable for successful change. Programs, materials and products focused on solutions for the future, beginning in the present moment through integration of all past experiences and using clear communication skills to advance are key factors for success. Emotional health truly affects every aspect of life, both individually and as a whole. When you clean up at home, starting with yourself, all areas of your life will in turn become clear as well. You are the common denominator in your life experiences and offerings. Truth be told, what you’re offering unconsciously from within is dramatically effecting your experience. Likewise, how you experience your offerings perpetuates the patterns until you shift your perceptions of the past. When you shift the perceptions of the past, you’re unconscious offerings change and thus how you experience the world changes. The next few blog posts are going to deal with what unhealthy emotions look like, sound like, act like, and feel like in all different areas of life, starting with Parenting.
I enjoy offering a comprehensive way to address your life and the world around you, past present and future! Give me a call or go to the products page now and get started on your life.

Thank you for sharing in another present moment experience of our Beautiful world.

Love and Light Susan Newton