Susan Fay Newton, Relationship MentorInternationally known Speaker and Author Would you like to experience loving, respectful and fulfilling relationships in your life? Wouldn't it be empowering to know how to communicate as effectively as possible in any circumstance within every relationship? You've come to the right place.

Susan Newton specializes in emotional healing, relationship health, and communication skills. She is a ULC Minister and is certified in stress management and NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) and has studied and trained for more than 17 years in her field of expertise. She is an internationally known speaker and author whose book is endorsed by NY Times Best Selling Hay House Author Eldon Taylor.

"It’s a great book. The bottom line is, I don’t give a lot of commendations, I write very few forwards, in fact I’ve written (only) one other forward. I’ve had plenty of opportunities, but the material has to be material that resonates, for all intensive purposes, you can really get behind and say “this book has great value” this book lists people while it educates people. Where I come from, I believe that our intellect and intelligence is a gift. Clifton Fadiman once said “and God plagued man with the ability to think. That is an interesting way to look at it, it is either a plague or a gift. I choose the gift. It is too easy for people to stop thinking and get into automatic mode, a mindless mode and just follow. Especially when it comes to things like ESP, Para psychology and spiritual matters. You bring a very level headed, down to earth, solid look at that material. I was pleased and honored to have the opportunity to write your forward."

Susan's life experiences and relationships with herself and others have been her greatest source of knowledge and wisdom. Connecting to unconditional love through an open heart, she mentors people on how to step out of the judgments and fears that exist in victimhood. Living a more clear respectful and empowered life facilitates an open path to your own guidance and intuition.

As you learn to acknowledge embrace and address your emotions, you are able to achieve true presence in your life. Every relationship, past present and future exists now. Choose NOW to be the time that you learn how to experience peaceful and enriching relationships. You are in the point of empowerment, are you in service with an open heart and wisdom or are you a servant to your fears?

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